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Welcome To OmniBuilds




Welcome to OmniBuilds, a small but popular build team. Most of our work is on Minehut servers but we also work on external servers. We have lots of skills such as landscaping and detailing, structuring. We mainly build natural/fantasy landscapes but also create beautiful structures. As a team, we have only been together for about a year now but have had many years of building practice. If you want to see any example of our builds, visit our “Build Examples” page.


The Team

Our build team currently only have 2 members, we are not trying to be huge, we’re just doing what we enjoy. The two members of our team are 3asel and CrazeG, we have been building together for a while now and have different skills but think of great ideas and come up with perfect detail.


We do not have any fixed prices as we do not charge an exact amount, we charge you on how much time and perfection has gone into a build. For example, we could charge anywhere from £2 to £20 for a 100 x 100 detailed map, but also build a basic 100 x 100 map/terrain for free. If we create worlds on your hosted servers, you will be required to pay a minimum of 50% of the total charge before we start the build and you be charged the remaining as soon as the build is completed. If we create the worlds on our own hosted servers, you will have the option to purchase it for the full price after the build is complete. Why purchase our builds? Most of our customers have purchased builds from us because we do not charge them ridiculous prices, we charge you what is fair, we know not all servers make hundreds of pounds a month. The most we could happily charge you would be 50 pounds, and that would be a beautifully constructed map.


Terms of Service

All payments are transferred through PayPal (No charge backs, No refunds, Pay half first and half after, You can not call our work your own). If you “the current owner(s)/customer(s)” have a server and sell or give it to another owner and we have built for the server, you “the current owner(s)/customer(s)” must give all information about our payment/advertisement/in-game agreements to them, “the new owner(s)”. By purchasing our builds, you agree to not give away the builds for free or sold for your own use, you also agree that all rights to the build is ours [OmniBuilds owned] (You “the buyer” “the down-loader” “the customer” will not resell or give away our “OmniBuilds” map creations).