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Lost Island Skyblock

Welcome to the lost island help page. Here, you can learn all about the server in the simplest way. There are many mechanics to this server but not much to remember. We will be going through all the commands, features and server mechanics. Each section is separated by a title so you can easily skip through.


Island Commands and Leveling:

 1) You can create an island with the command “/is”, this will show 3 different island difficulties that you can chose from (choose wisely, you can only reset your island twice).
 2) If you want to protect your island from other players, use the command “/is settings”, this will bring up a settings menu with many customization features.
 3) If you would like to add a friend to your island, use the command “/is invite <player>” and accept invites with “/is accept” (you cannot be apart of an existing island when you join a new one).
 4) You can also kick players from your island with “/is kick <player>”
 5) Give interactive access to your island for other island alias with “/is coop <player>” they can interact in your island until you or the player disconnects.

To level up your island, you will need to place blocks on your island. When you place a block on your island you will be charges a small amount of cash. The more blocks you place, the higher the price becomes, you will be alerted when the price is raised. To update your island level to show in chat use the command “/is level”.

 Teleportation Commands:

1) You can use the command “/warp” to list show a list of warp you have access to. Then use the command “/warp <warp name>” to teleport to the warp (you cannot move your 5 seconds or your teleport will be canceled).
2) You can teleport directly to spawn with the command “/spawn” (you cannot move your 5 seconds or your teleport will be canceled).
3) You can teleport players to your current location with the command “/tp <player>”. The teleport invite will last for 2 minutes before its canceled. To accept the teleport, use the command “/tpa” (you cannot move your 5 seconds or your teleport will be canceled).
(If you are in a pvp enabled world, your teleport wait time is 5 seconds. If you are in a pvp disabled work such as the SkyBlock world and the SkyBlock nether, you will teleport instantly.)


Custom Mining:

 1) There is no warp to the mine, so you must walk to it (straight out for spawn)
 2) As the mine is inside a pvp enabled area, you should be wearing protective gear. You can collect your default kit using “/kit starter”, which will give you the minimal protection needed.
 3) You can either mine ingot/gem blocks which will give you 1 block each, you could mine ores which also give you 1 block unless you have fortune where you can get up to 7 block per mined ore.
 4) There is a small chance of obsidian spawning in the mine as it resets. For you to mine obsidian, you will need 100 tokens. There is a 50/50 chance of losing 100 tokens or collecting a rare item.
 5) While mining, you can stumble upon boxes, Unique, Epic and Historic. These boxes contain tokens, cash, levels, enchants and crate keys.
 6) You can also stumble upon Challenge Boxes which are 1 minute mining challenges where you can win many tokens.
 ( You can only collect boxes at the spawn mine and not at your island, fortune works on island ores)
 7) You can collect Block Bombs which have 3 different types; Low, Medium and High. These will turn blocks in a radius of the bomb into ores and blocks on your island. (these can be collected in boxes, crates, supply event and more)

If you want to sell ores/blocks as you mine, you can use the command “/mine”. This will toggle sell on and off. Each block/ore wells for $0.10, unless you have fortune it’s $0.200.40.

Supply Event:

1) In the supply event, you can collect levels, tokens, cash, crate keys and more.
 2) Supply events run every hour and last at max, 30 minutes.
 3) Every event there will be 5 droppers that appear in the spawn warzone. When all 5 crates are collected, the event will end.


Crates and Daily Rewards:

 1) All 4 crate types are inside the pvp disabled area of spawn.
 2) You can collect crate keys from boxes, supply events, gambling and more.
 3) There are 3 different types of main crates; Lost, Buried and Forgotten.
 4) You can open a daily crate every 24 hours, collect the key using the command “/dailyreward” or “/dr”.
(Your daily reward also comes with a specified amount of tokens. Higher your rank, the more daily tokens you get.)


The gambling command, “/gamble”, opens a menu where you can either gamble 100, 500 or 1,000 tokens. Each gamble has a 50/50 chance of winning or losing. If you win a gamble you will get any of the listed winnings but if you lose, you will lose 100, 500 or 1,000 tokens depending on your chosen gamble. Each gamble gives tokens, cash, crate keys, custom enchants and more.

Custom Enchants:

We have many different custom enchants which link into Skript making our enchants very efficient. You can purchase custom enchant boots in the enchant menu, open this menu using the command “/enchanter”. There are 3 different types of enchant books; Lost, Buried and Forgotten. These cost from 30 levels up to 60 levels each.
1) In the Lost enchant books, you will find fun and simple enchants that don’t really help you but give you a small boost.
2) In the Buried enchant books, you will find pvp and grinding based enchants that will help you get the best stuff possible.
3) And then finally in the Forgotten enchant books, you will find some extremely overpowered enchants for pvping, grinding and survival.

Each custom enchant scroll has a success and destroy rate. The success rate shows how likely the scroll is to apply to the item, when the destroy rate shows how likely the scroll will destroy the items. There is a chance that the scroll does not apply but also will not destroy the item. To increase the success rates of your scrolls, you can tinker unwanted scrolls for dust using the command “/tinkerer”. You can also tinker enchanted gear, tools and weapons for xp.


You can complete challenges to earn tokens. These challenges are kept within a menu you can open using “/challenges” or “/cha”. You can complete up to 40 global challenges and an infinite amount of daily challenges. By hovering over the far left slot the each row, you will be given a short description of what the challenge is. The more challenges you complete, the higher the reward. If you cannot complete or do not want to complete a daily challenge, you can skip it by clicking the barrier on the right (this does not cost anything but you will need to wait another 24 hours for a new challenge).

If you have not completed a challenge, it will appear grey. If you have achieved the challenge but not completed, it will appear green, you can click the challenge to collect the reward. When a challenge appears purple, the challenge has been completed and collected.

Shop and Sell:

You can purchase items, spawners and boosters with the “/shop” command. To specify what you want to purchase you will either have to do “/shop buy”, “/shop spawners” or “/shop boosters”. Everything in the items shop cost a low amount which can make island building very overpowered. Spawners and tokens will cost you tokens unlike the item shop which costs cash. The boosters are for when you sell items from your island, “/sell”. Both boosters last 30 minutes and either times the default sell price by 2 and 3. Boosters are advised for the richer players as tokens are not easy to get in large quantities.

If you have a rank purchased in-game or on our store, you can silk touch spawners. You will be charges $10,000 for mining a spawner.

Tablist Tags:

You can purchase tablist tags on our store or collect them in-game from supply events. You can apply your tags from the tags menu using the command “/tags”. Each tag costs £1.00 on our store. There is a very small chance of collecting a tag in-game as they are collectible items.

Kits and Rank Kits:

You can collect your default kit every 15 minutes with the command “/kit starter”. If you have rank you can either use the command “/kit iron”, “/kit redstone”, “/kit gold” or “/kit diamond”. If you are the top rank, Diamond, you can collect all ranked kits. to view all your accessible kits, use the command “/kit”. All ranked kits can be collected every 12 hours.

Player Stats:

You can view all players stats online or offline with the command “/stats <player>” you can also view your own stats with just “/stats”. This will display many stats of the player such as joins, deaths, mined, etc. 

Purchase Ranks:

You can purchase ranks on our store or in-game with the command “/ranks”. Each rank costs from T25,000 up to T100,000 (T = tokens). You can also view each ranks permissions and abilities in this menu. By purchasing an in-game rank you will be set to that rank, you cannot purchase ranks that are at or bellow your current rank.

Link Commands:

You can receive links to websites and are discord with 4 simple commands;
 1) You can apply as staff with “/apply”.
 2) You can join our discord with “/discord”.
 3) You can view all our rules with “/rules”.
 4) Open our store with “/store”.

Bounty Hunter:

You can set, hunt and steal bounties. By using the command “/bounty <player> <amount>” you can bounty a player (and $ can be added). You can also view a players bounty with “/bounty <player>” or view your own with “/bounty”. When you apply a bounty to someones head, all online players will be notified that the player now has a bounty or a raised bounty on their head. When a bounty is killed, the attack much survive 1 minute to keep the bounty for themselves. If a player with a stolen bounty is killed, the new attacker will keep the bounty. If you survive the 1 minute with a stolen bounty, you will automatically collect it.


Here on Lost Island, we have a custom economy which means a lot of our commands are custom. We have kept many commands similar to essentials. To view your balance you can use the command “/bal” or to view other balances, “/bal <player>”. You can also view the top 10 richest players with “/baltop”.

You can pay players money with the command “/pay <player> <amount>”. You must pay an even amount (you cannot pay less than 0. eg: 0.14). You can only sell cash, tokens are non transferable.

Item Fixing:

You can fix gear, tools and weapons with the command “/fix”. This command costs $40,000 to execute. If your tools break, you will not get a replacement.

Pals (Friends):

You can add up to 10 pals with the command “/pal add <player>”, this will send a request to the player. You cannot send more than 1 pal request to a player. To accept a pal request, use “/pal add <player>”. You can remove pals with the command “/pal remove <player>”. You can list all of your pals with “/pal list”. You can chat to all your online pals with “/pal <message>”. If you are Diamond rank, you can toggle pal requests with “/pal toggle”.
You can download this skript here:

Rank Commands:

Nickname: [iron+] [COLOUR -gold+]
You can give yourself a nickname with the command “/nick <nickname>” (if your gold or diamond, you can use colour codes).

Nearby Players: [iron+]
You can view the nearby players within a 200 block radius with “/near”.

Feed: [redstone+]
You can top up your hunger with the quick command, “/feed”.

Item Display: [redstone+]
You can display any item in the chat with the command “/display <message>” while holing an item (you do not have to have a message).

Item Rename: [redstone+]
You can rename your gear, tool and weapons to anything with the command “/rename <name>” (you can use colour codes). (If the name is against the rules, offensive or rude, the name will be reset) This command costs T50 (T = tokens) to execute.

Fly: [gold+]
You can fly in the SkyBlock and SkyBlock nether worlds with “/fly”.

Heal: [Diamond]
You can top up your health with the quick command, “/heal”.